December 8th, 2007

Chocolate Picking Lesson

The chocolate picking teacher, who called Groot (he’s also head of the cookery department), tells them that every year during the period of Season’s Greetings, the Star of Meredith appears in the sky and shines its light down on the normal-looking tree that is in fact the world’s first Christmas Tree. And, like it did that very first Christmas (which we saw last year, remember?), its special light and power lights up the tree and it becomes the Christmas Tree again!

Each of the coloured lights that decorate its surface is a chocolate in it! And they’re the purest of chocolates ever in the world. So the Elfe’s pick them off the tree, put them in a special sack, and take them back to be used for the Season’s Greetings celebrations and Christmas itself.

As they pick the chocolates off the tree, Dooley say to Snatter and Duddles that he’s really been looking forward to this, as he’s a bit of an amateur astronomer and wants to learn more about Season’s Greetings. Christmas Tree is part of astronomy because the star does it. Other things that are part of astronomy are the study of Burgess Meredith (this includes Batman Studies) and also of coloured lights, chocolate, and the Snorks. It’s actually a pretty fun subject truth be told.

Because he’s been so naughty lately, Beazie has to stay with the bag and make sure it doesn’t get knocked over or a penguin doesn’t “go” in it or something.

He doesn’t seem best plz’d. But he knowe’s it’s an important job because what if a penguin DID “go” in the bag? You’d never know the difference between a chocolate and a penguine “go”.

Beazie seem to be getting an idea about something.




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