December 25th, 2007

Oe! Look who coming out of the school! It is the Herald of Christmas, Noddy Holder! He saye – what that you saye Noddy? Oe! He saye he was being held captive by Antisnatter! BUt now he’s free to do his job! His heraldey job! It is not Christmas until Noddy Holder say it is!!

The elves gather under the first Christmas tree to hear himme’s proclamation.

And Noddy Holder saye, “It’s Christmas,”

And it is Christmas.

And he see that it imme am goode.



  • Olivia says:

    The most Christmassy story in any of our lives, and my favorite Adventure Calendar of the decade. Year two has the Harry Potter junk, time travel nonsense, tear-jerking Snowmen, Bowie, and it all wraps up in a fantastic kind-of-makes-a-bit-of-sense bow. This year’s story is closest to my heart of any Christmas tradition I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you for preserving it for us.

  • Mister Apple says:

    I realise I never left a comment, so here’s a comment:
    I like this a lot more than last year’s one, and I’m assuming they just get better from here on out.
    Merry belated Christmas, and Wiggle He!

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