December 2nd, 2008

O look over there, a little escalator’s broke! HEHE it’s not working. there’s like a big thing that’s broken through it from underneath. I think it a sort of tree bit. Yes it’s a tree bit! That’s funny hehe, he a bit of tree must have grown through the escalator and nobody noticed until now, that was silly! it’s ok tho there’s a man who has come to look at it.

he will probbly sort it out.


mohh well that’s one way of sorting it out, he EAT IT!


hehehe nd it was brown and it looked, let’s be honest here, a bit like poo didn’t it. what he ate was a bit of “nearlypoo”

ok well while he gets on with that let’s keep looking for the callendre shop. I’m REALLY SAD that there might not be a special christmas adventure this year!! what if no christmas things happen!!!!

Oe look the man is gone and in the hoal where the tree bit was is a chocolate tree bit. Who wants some NEARLYPO CHOCKLATE?



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