December 7th, 2008

it gone. Ok it looks like now we’re back in the Rudolph stable! O good, we’ll get to find out more about Rudolph, and his best friend, Duddles! We will find out more about Duddles after all…but oe! But what’s happening here, o noe! It looks like Duddles and Rudolph are having a bit of a tiff! A bit of a falling out m80s!

Oe dear Rudolph is very drunk today. He won’t play with Duddles, and Duddles asked him why and he just shouted and stamped about! O dear.

look, Duddles doesn’t think Rudolph is so funny when he’s being like this.

O that’s sad. I hope Rudolph gets better and stops being a bit snippy to Duddles. Well let’s have a look what else is going on around here.

O look! Here comes Dooley out of a little hidden door down some steps. He’s looking around to check nobody’s seeing him come up the steps. How unusual! Looks like Dooleys got his oen little secrets doesn’t it! he he, dooley, maybe he was secretly doing a litle secret pooley. hee

He’s now go to a hi-tech video monitor and calls up somebody. This is interesting, who would Dooley talk to on a viedo phone? Will we meet some old friends? Will it be head of Richard Burton? Will it be Puffy? hope not.

A figure resolve in the screen, starting as squarey pixels and turning into a picture! Who is man!

Who is man!!




  • Euan says:

    the hypergriffin in the cellar!!! moh omlo I get it good show

  • Adrian Wood says:

    Oh m8s, the HTML is all gobbledy-gooked! (Unless you’re ready this in the future when it’s all fixed, in which case this comment is all nonsense :D)

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