December 19th, 2008

the Christmas Future bloke have taken us to the future, and it’s ruined! Christmas is gone! This is horrible, it feels exactly like eating that sad chocolate from ages ago!!

He – he’s pointing to a calender on the wall… an advent calender… and it’s colured in all gold! But maybe, maybe it’s an old christmas, maybe this already happened centuries ago when Snatter was thin and young, and maybe he rebuilt Christmas later! Yes, that’s it! Yes, Christmas isn’t ruined! THis was hundreds years ago I bet! Maybe the Christmas we noe is BECAUSE of this devastation! Maybe Snatter makes it better, maybe…!

christmas future bloke pointing at calender… i’d better have a look oeeee m8s

I… there’s a year printed on it. I bet it’ll say like hundreds of years ago… oe he’s not stopping pointing!!

I… Christmas Future bloke I just want to check, are… are these thingies the thingies that definitely will happen m8, or… or are they the thingies that may happen only?

oe he just point some more! I… erm… uh..

The Antisnatter’s plan does seem to foreshadow certain ends to which, if persevered in, it must lead… But – – I WILL, I’m going, stop POINTING like that! I’m just saying tho m8 that… that if that plan could be thwarted, somehow, if Snatter – or, or if me and my gr8m8s – if someone could do something different, then, the ends will change??

Say it is thus with what you show me!!!

he just point


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