December 20th, 2008

Right, this is interesting tho, and it confirms a thinking that I’ve been having recently. I was just looking at a little bit over there, where there’s a little wall sunk under a platform where elfs are building things and making things, and under them is just wall, and some little lanterns and that. Well, I was just looking at it, and a dore sort of appeared on the wall with 20 written on.

And I don’t mean it went ping and appeared or that it faded in or even did a big boingy morph like in films from the 90s did, when they thought morphing was new even though we could do it in DPaint for years. No, it didn’t appear like that, it was more like sort of, well, there wasn’t anything particular about this wall right, and i’d been staring at it for a bit just because my eyes had rested on it, and let it also be borne in mind right, that I hadn’t been thinking about it being time for dore 20 yet, because tbqh I don’t see how it possibly could be time yet. And then let any m8 explain to me, if he can, how it happen that I, having look at the wall, see in the wall, without its undergoing any intermediate process of change, not a wall, but a big lovely dore with a 20 on it!!

And this is something I’ve been thinking about. Because, a bit ago, Snatter said it was CHristmas Eve didn’t he. But when we went in the calender, it wasn’t nearly Christmas Eve yet. It still shouldn’t be it. Isn’t it weird how we haven’t even been in this calender for even a day yet, and we’ve had loads of dores appearing with different numbers on and chocolates in? We’ve only been here a few minutes! I think not only did we fall into the calender and land in an old Christmas Eve centuries ago when Snatter young, but also something timey is happening! Time isn’t proper here!

O hang on, I think Snatter’s heading off somewhere. I think. It’s tricky to tell what with all this stupid MIST everywhere. Thanks, Christmas Future bloke, thanks very much. It’s getting actually really foggy now, it’s like Christmas Future is trying to impend on us, like Future is looming all around us and there so much of him that we can’t even see, or hope to do anything, because future is looming and lurking and being a great big bumhead. Stop being so scary, Christmas Future!

Oh but yeah Snatter is going with Dooley somewhere so I’m going to see if I can catch him and tell him about the angry blokes that we need to chere up.


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