December 21st, 2008

O dear, it’s the same lady, but this time we see her in a grumpy bed with a grumpy! That does not look as good at all!

No, they don’t look nearly as happy in this alternate dimension as they did in the one of her before, with Snatter!

Now the images all fade away. Christmas Future sort of sail off backwards into background, and Rose is left looking all funny.

Pore her! What will she doo!

O, here come Snatter, he’s got another one of those spunes look! Rose suddenly run off looking all flustered, that strange but then I never have understood girls.

“Great news!” say Snatter! “Rudolph had the last spune! Look!”

and the spune fly out of him hand! Where’s it going? It going outside!

Dooley giving Snatter a VERY funny look and he run after it, and Snattre, and everyone! Let’s go come on!


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