December 21st, 2008

M80s, the spunes are all outside and they’re whirling around! They’re whirling! Some of them are going onto each other like they’re magnets! There handles bend round and wind up, and lock onto each other like latches and locks!

Dooley look at Snatter. “Claus,” he goe. “Tell me you haven’t.”

“Wot?” goe Snatter, “This must be it, this must be what they do! Don’t you see, I’ve found them all! All of the spoons, reunited!”

Aah! I never seen Dooley do that before! Dooley went > at Snatter! With big angry face!

“Those aren’t… RUNCIBLE SPOONS are they??” he sae!

O no he’s really cross, as if you shouldn’t get runcible spunes!

“Yes! They’re the only thing that can defeat the Antisnatter,” say Snatter! “It’s what I’ve been telling you this whole time, but you were too busy thinking about your secret project to listen! I’m trying to tell you, everything’s going to be fine! Now I have the Runcible Spoons, we can definitely defeat the Antisnatter!”

Dooley im really crosspatch though!!

“Why didn’t you tell me those spoons of yours were runcible? They’re runcing right now! The spoons are runcing!!”

And they’re really runcing up a storm right now m80s yeah! Look at them they’re all clipping together and whirlying round in the sky look! Look at them, you can hardly tell what shape the spunes are any more there’s so many and they’re so scribbled together! In fact It’s tricky to discern any sort of intelligible shapes in there at all, it’s just a big whirly bundle of spunes whirling and grinding and creaking, and snapping and sliding together and around each other! Jutting spikes and shapes of spunes, clicking in and out and reshaping and changing to fit some intricate plan!

WHAT ARE THEY DOING?? What is Runcing m80s?? How can a heap of bundly spoons defeat the Antisnatter and why is Dooley cross about it? Maybe they’re his best spoons and now they’re all getting scrunched up!

What is this thing made of spoons?

Is it a bird?

Is it a bard?

What is it??

o by the way I didn’t show you the chocolate i got out of that dore that appeared in the wall before, hang on i’ll go and get it, i left it in there so we could run after snatter, brb.


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