December 23rd, 2008

The Snowmadic tribe are here, and they’re go up towards the good Mecha Snatter, who have fallen onto the flore.

“Noe,” go Snowgran, “He was our last hope! We’re sick of everything being destroyed like our home villidge, and now more things will be destroyed because evil mecha snatter wun and not good him!”

“Yes!” say another Snowmad, “good Mecha Snatter was going to save everything o noe, he was really good!”

“Yes he was really good” go other snowmads, and then they all go “Ye he was gr8 m8!” and they cry because he is dead!

wait hang on… someone is climbing out of it head! SO, maybe it isn’t dead, maybe it was just a big robot that you drive! The person inside not dead! Who im! Who im the driver? The Snowmads are really excited and they see…

…they see….



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