December 24th, 2008


More spoons snap off and fly apart as the Crania wiggle the bits of Mecha Snatter until there’s nothing left! Under this level of scrutiny, Mecha Snatter really is just so many spoons!!

The… the nerds were a force for good after all?? Well, they were a force for grumbling, but, sometimes even that can be helpful!!

And the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future cast outwards, their forms spreading out through time and space like after-images, reaching out in great blurred bands of time and possibility, worming their way through everything that’s happening and taking it all in.

Up in the sky, the Christmas Star finally reaches its zenith, locks into place directly over the Grottoe, and the ghost of its great light begins to seep and spread downwards, creeping steadily towards the roof of the observation tower, where Snatter and the Antisnatter face one another.


ok i’ll let you carry on watching beazie’s story while i wait to see what happens


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