December 25th, 2008

“The Spirit of Christmas tried to guide them then, reaching out with roots and vines, illustrating their path with its Christmas Trees. It led them out of ordinary reality and into lands of its own devising. Places in which distance and direction had other meanings than in their world or ours, but which represented the difference in perspective between those two realities.”

“Eh?” goe Snatter again, and I must say i echo himme

“I’ll put it in terms your tinsel-brain can understand,” say Antisnatter. “The Spirit of Christmas was with them when they went into the Cave of Winter Wonders. It was with them when they went into the Advent Calendar, in which they’re watching your adventure…. right now.”

i can’t believe it! he can’t be talking about us! it’s not possible!

“You’re deliberately trying to confuse me, Antisnatter!” Snatter bume, him voice is already quite authoritative even when he’s young and not bigfat yet! “I will not be thrown by your puzzles! Explain yourself!”

“I mean just this, Christopher: the Spirit of Christmas will soon be gone, and you will not feel the difference. It is out there, with the people of the world, not here with you. What do you think to that! You will lose all that you stand for, and worse, and so much worse that I will delight in watching you try to comprehend it – and in doing so, you will lose nothing. HARRR hrurrrr huaarrrr!!”

“You’re a terrible man!” Snatter shout! “You unpleasant rotter! To think, when I was eating that delicious melon I didn’t suspect for even a moment that it came from such a dreadful man’s stock, that it was farmed by such a heinous hand!”

“I tell you,” go Antisnatter, “you might as well give in, it is all preordained. The quantum chocolate has shown me – you can come and view it all for yourself if you like, here, look, it is all visible in this lens. I’ve hooked it up to the chocolate particles as well as to the sand timer! My spell was thrown outwards through time. But you can think of it as a grappling hook, thrown across a canyon: once it landed, it left a kind of quantum bridge between that year and this, and the death of the Spirits is to take place during their journey across. Clear?”

no i still don’t get it.

“No, I still don’t get it,” go Snatter.

“I can save us much confusion,” the Antisnatter continue, “by telling you that I have already discovered, via observation of the quantum slipstream, when the spell will land. It is the Christmas of the year 2008. From this day to that, the spell will very gradually work its way through time, getting stronger as that final date approaches. From this day on, the Spirits of Christmas will be nothing but ghosts, until their final, absolute demise on December 25th 2008. There my ability to forsee the future ends, with the end of the spell’s bridge – but it is there that they are removed from the world of life or of death! Harr!”

“My melon! It was so nice and tasty! I can’t believe someone like you could’ve grown it!”

“YES but never mind that, I’m about to destroy the Spirits of Christmas!!”

“…About to?” say Snatter, “then you haven’t done that part of the plan yet?”

and the antisnatter smile his most biggy smile yet!


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