December 3rd, 2009

Ok well apparently he is called Stephen Currant-Bun. Double-barrel name, very posh, maybe he’s a SPY! I don’t think he’s an evil one though, he seems friendly enough.

O! Wait! No, I see what Dooley’s talking about now, about his massive amount of snow! He’s pointing up and yeah, there’s just a big CHUNK of snow coming down! It actually is like a big huge snowball falling to earth like a meaty or,

*Fump* It hit the ground. Everyone’s straining to see, but, well it’s all basically snow out here so it’s tricky to tell what bit of snow was it!

“I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years watching the weather,” say Dooley.

“The size of the thing,” say Duddles.

“The sheer bulk of it,” say Gooba, who is another elf we don’t really know.

“On-stronomyOodah!” say Stephen, which is wearing a bit thin even if he did say it slightly differently this time. But then he say, “Perhaps it’s a bit of ice from space that picked up snow instead of just being destroyed as it went through the atmosphere, what with this being the North Pole and being a bit magic. The atmosphere thing might not be the same here?”

“That is a good point,” say Dooley, “indeed, the systems that govern our world do fluctuate around these parts.”

Then from off in the distance a voice call, “Stephen!”

“Just coming!” shout Stephen – “sorry chaps but I’d best be off. Good luck with the snow and all that, ciao!”

Off he run! And Oh! as soon as he went away, there was a pause, and then WHOA, look who arrived!

Wow! It’s a NEW CHRISTMAS NINJA! This Christmas Ninja is the best one ever, because he’s got WHITE and GOLD, which are two very festive colours indeed! What person could possibly be the white ninjer, I cannot imagine who it could be! The possibilities are endless! Everyone is here, so it can’t be anyone we noe! Wow!!

“Gasp!” go the elfies, “Wow!” go the men, “Miaow” go the little chick, running in the pen!

“Hello!” go the White Ninja whose identity is a mystery. Gosh, LOOK at him! I’m pretty star-struck here, this new Ranger is really sparkledy!

“Hullo,” go everyone, rapt.

Oo! I think he looked at me! I think he looked right at me ooo! I will tell everyone this is so exciting!


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