December 10th, 2009

Ok that’s not very interesting, I don’t see them getting anywhere with that. Now I’m going to follow Dooley and see what he’s up to.

Ok, he’s walking past a young man in a t-shirt.

“Oh dear, dear me,” Dooley is muttering, “Prophecies, and foreshadowing, and Duddles losing everything he touches, clumsy elf! And a spy? In our midst? What was it he worked for, her… her Maj’s Tea Service…”

Wait, how does he knoe about that? He must be the one who nabbed the Log Book! Oo Dooley you sneaky chap! hehe I don’t mind thoe, christmas is for sharing!

“Her who’s what!” T-Shirt boy has piped up now.

Oe! Yes! I know him, he worked for the Antisnatter last year, until he betrayed him and helped the elf’s!!

“Oh, nothing, just nattering to myself,” Dooley sigh.

“No, Her Maj’s Tea Service, right? I know what that is!”

Dooley perk up a bit.

“I used to work for the Tea Service. It’s just what it sounds like, a little silver tea set, cups and teapot things etc, all made out of SOLID MOON CHRISTMAS SILVER.”

“How can one work for something like that?”

“By getting trapped inside it, that’s how. There’s a witch in there, trapped for ten thousand years! I got caught in there as well, and had to work for her! She’s not really royal, she just thought being called ‘Your Majes-tea’ was a funny joke, given the circumstances.”

“Really…?” say Dooley. “And, would you have any idea who might be working for her now?”

“No idea,” say T-Shirt.

“Then… where might I find this Tea Service?”


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