December 23rd, 2009

Young Snatter im here. I saw him and Rose looking a bit sad. They look all right now, but they were saying to people that horrid things happened to them on their way back from seeing Zordon!

Apparently they met a drummer, he was all right but then Blizzardman took over him mind, and he played solo from The End on them! They got all bruised! And then a girl called billy (even tho she’s a girl) kept pinging him ears (and twanging him nose, and dushing him in the face), then, he was walking along a cliff and loads of little bear rat things grabbed snatter and jumped off the cliff with him! (luckily he land on them and they were fuzzy and so he not killed!) And by this time, he saw Blizzardman (white ninjer) standing watching him all the time, so he didn’t dare write in Log Book what was actually happening, because he could tell something was up with himme.

But then he met M8s! And M8s was in him pants and too cold to live much longer! So Snatter decided things must be bad, and he started writing about it, but then Blizzardman actually came over and MADE HIM WRITE NICE THINGS!

And after that, it just got worse and worse! They met something horrible called The Lilt Man, don’t know what he even did but he lilted them and that sounds unpleasant, they were made to eat parasitick worms that ate them from the inside, they met a lovely little priest who was completely brilliant in ways rarely seen, but then he started saying he was a super human and then it was the worst thing anyone had ever seen (snatter unspecific about that but he sounded traumatised), they found a telly that said they could have 5 gold rings and snatter was so afraid of everything and traumatised by what happen to the priest that he just smashed it and it was actually a robotnik telly and he got hurt!

And by this time, Rose had been taken away by Blizzardman and Snatter thought she was dead! But BLizzardman would only allow him to write NICE things in the Log Book to fool everyone at the workshop!!

He say thoe that he tried to leave clues in log book. stopping saying “we” about him and rose, and just saying “i,” and talking about how horrible the blizzard was, but by making it look like he meant weather. I bet snappy man could tell what he was doing but APPARENTLY nobody else was clever enough SO 😕

And then the little horrid snappy person forced Snatter to eat hot coals! And then two horrible ppl who were embodiment of gluttony and famine arrived, they made him choose to go with one of them and either eat everything forever or nothing forever! he didn’t care about getting hurt by this time tho because of rose, so he just fought him way through to Workshop! And outside workshop, there were four black & white turtles, dressed as birds, and they were killing everyone with ninjer wepons and going “I take out two on my way down” to themselves etc!!

Horrible horrible!

And now as a result of all this abuse, even tho young Snatter is better now because of space ship Snattersnat SnatSnattica’s healing technology, there’s still something wrong with him! See, young Snatter has been trying to give ppl presents to cheer them up…. but he can’t! Him present-giving magic isn’t working!

They broke snatter!! D:

and the worst part is that because he was so scared about rose, ever time he hear words like “blizzardman” or “lilt,” he goes into a little bundle and shivers. and one of the words that make him do that is… word “rose!!” D: D:

she not noe what to do!!

it sad! hope we can think of something to make it better!

^^^ No I no! I don’t knoe what sort of awful person would do that to M8S! i mean we all go through a naughty phase when we’re younger, but blimmineck. but yeh, snatter had a big coat for him in the sle, so he’s fine. He’s probbly around here somewhere, i dunno. actually i dunno! I haven’t seen him!

O yeah! I noe who else I saw here!


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