February 25th, 2010

“All right? What’s going down in groove town then?”


everyone goe :O

“How does that work then?” ask Duddles. “Didn’t know pipes can do that!”

“They can’t normally,” say Hairy Salteye, “but he’s made of pipes. I built him with all the standard interfaces of the time. Looks like your computer has at least one of ’em.”

“Bong!” exclaim Pilky. “Man uploads consciousness to computer system, brings it back to life! Bong! being a robot actually saves everyone, thank you, so. …bong!”

And him right! All the power just came back on, the lights are on, and with a glance from Pilky,

the ship veer off suddenly to one side, avoiding the giant Yulicron! Hooray! NIce one Pilkers!

“Right? And I’ve set up the visual,” goe Pilkoids, “on the World, so…”

“We have contact with the surface of the planet??” ask Old Snatter. he want to knoe where young snater have gone, I don’t think he remembers this happening at all! You’d think he would, what’s going on

“Yup,” say Pilk.

long silence.

“Oh, and you got a message,” he goe. “From the North Pole.”

“Who from?” ask Santer.

“Dunno, he didn’t say.”

“Well can we call back?”

“Dunno who it was. What do you want from me? I took the message! I’m helping! Oh hang on, here we go, he’s calling again.”

and up on the screen come…


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