December 2nd, 2011

And I have thought Of the perfect way! To investigate!

This, my m80s, is why I spend evenings looking to the skye for the Snatterey lights as they goe past like commits. Because THINK ABOUT IT. If I can bing off to any Christmassy place – and I can – then I can bing off into SNATTER’S SLÉ ITSELF!! YES!! I will be SITTING in the SLÉ with SNATA.

And I will extend my bingability to you! We can all hold hands and bing together, and we will ALL BE IN SLÉ!! You lot will probably be in the presents area at the back if that’s ok, there’s probly not much room in the seat.

I’m so excited! We’ll get to meet SNATTER!  I’m actually feeling all tingly now just thinking about it, feeling all sparkly! And I … OE

OE LOOK! Remember I found that funny-shaped thing with 24 numbers on but the numbers won’t open? WELL the side of it that say “1” on it, has opened like a slidey dore!! Except it hasn’t slid anywhere it’s just slid into not existing!

What an exciting 1 dore!! I am looking at it in 1 dore!!

NOT LEAST BECAUSE A LASRE has shot out, and is drawing with the tip of it a big circle in the air!! And the circle of lasre is solidifying into…


Just like chocolate coming out of an advent calendar, this chocolate has come out of this futuristic 24-dored machine thingy! It must be an advent calendar Of The Future etc. What a very brilliant thing to have, let’s divide up the big chocolate and eat it, it is a great big circle so there’s enough for everyone. Tuck in! Om nom!

Mmm, it’s a very strange sort of chocolate circle actually, om, it is a big flat disc with a circle in the middle that has writing on, didn’t bother reading that, and a little hole in the middle like some sort of pokey thing could go through it and hold it in place, and all the way round the big disc it is covered in, nom, tiny little gruves. Makes it do a very thin sort of crispy crunch when you eat it up, nom om om.

Ooh. I feel very sparkly now. Talking about Snatter, eating lovely chocolate (with a slightly weird laserey gloe), this is exactly the sort of thing I like. Let’s talk about Snatter some more.


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