December 5th, 2011

O yes that was it, he said Snowman.

Hello The Snowman!

“Hello” he goe in his cold voice.

Hello! Have you been spleeing like all these other ppl?


Oe! Have you been floating in the air?

“Ye but I’m used to it”

ibibib. I see you have funny clothes on like Rudolf. His were to keep him warm, but I bet yours are to keep you cold!

“Yes! These clothes work really well, I haven’t melted in aeons!”

HEHEHE well that’s good, that is very curteous of you because Ian would be cold when he put his clothes on then HEHEHEHE

hehehe, even nobbly hehed at that. I’m quite funny I think

“hehehehehe” go snoeman, we’re all having a bit of a lol “But no, aeons are really long, it’s pretty ridiculous how long aeons are, and I’ve been not melting throughout them, it’s fantastic. Or it WOULD BE, but UNFORTUNATELY I haven’t been able to find OUT what aeons of not melting feel like yet, because TIME STOPPED.”

“Time stopped??” go nobbly, “is that why people are frozen in the air asplee?”

“Yes I should think soe,” say Snoman.

That’s pretty scary, Snowman. Do you know any ideas why that would have happened?

“Nothing I’d swear to… But I do remember that not long after Santa perfected Christmas Effect technology, it seemed that he was building up to something big. After the nightmares set in, he believed he was facing a significant trial, so he kept up a vigorous health regime in the days leading up to that fated Christmas. As well as training exercises, his attention went even so far as skin rubs and creams, cleansing and exfoliating his pores. With oatmeal masques, he felt soft and refreshed.”

All right snoman, you’re sounding a bit sponsored now. Oop, tell you what though, it did make me feel sparkly, thinking about memories of Snatter! My head is sparkling, like, “suraehnacuoyspahrep”. And cheeeccckk iiit oouuuut, the calender has opened dore 5! Chocolate snoemen for everyone!

here you go! here they are! 1 for you and 1 for you and 1 for you and 1 for charlie.

“So who are you btw?” ask Snowman, which is fair enough, I should have introduced myself properly. I am THE SPIRIT OF XMAS.

“Oh really?” go Snowman. “An honour. And you,” he smile at nobble, “I already know.”

oe! Looks like nobbly-boy here actually knows quite a lot of xmas ppl already. Have you been on Christmas adventures before, Nobbly?

“Ye,” he goe. “But they’re normally better, because Snatter is there instead of you.”


“Hey Snoman,” go Nobbly, “Perhaps you can weigh-in on this, don’t you think it’s stupid, the idea of this silly GIRL being the Spirit of Christmas. Tell her!”

“Why shouldn’t she be?” say Snowman. Yeah! Why shouldn’t I be! “After all, the Spirit of Christmas, if it were anyone, would likely be a Chrimboid like her.”

See, he’s on my side. O hello, what’s – oe of course! That prickling in my hand can only mean one thing! That’s right! Another twisty thing! We’ve got a phew now! Look at this, Snoman, isn’t it nice!

Oe, The Snowman looks a bit concerned. Have you seen one of these before, Snoman?

“I haven’t. I didn’t dare to imagine I ever would.”

Nobbly go, “What is it? I hope it’s not a very special kind of very nice chockoe. You already didn’t let me eat the big magic regenerating circle of it.” Well I don’t NOE what it is, that’s why i’m ASKING this SNOWMAN.

“Be careful with it,” Snowman say. “I know a little something about the structure of reality, and of the devastating consequences that can befall anyone who tries to bend its laws to their own ends. What you are holding there is a twist in the rules of reality.”

a what in the what of what.

“A memory,” say snowman, “can keep a person alive, long after they are gone. A story can carry their name on into perpetuity. But to distil a memory like that, to twist it until it becomes so densely packed as to be seen and held… That is deepest science-magic. It cannot be performed. It would have to be done…” he waggle his hands mysteriously “…in a single instant spanning a lifetime. Long ago and right now. Gradually, all at once!!”

and then he stop waggling, isn’t going to say any more. I don’t think he actually noes.

Ok snoman, well, me and my friend the nasty nobbly person are going to go and see if we can find M8s and see if he will take us to meet Snatter Claus. I hope you continue not to melt and have a happy christmas!

Him wave.

“The Spirit of Christmas.”

The Snowman.


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