December 10th, 2011

well M8s has taken us to meet the last member of him crew. Er, I’ll be honest though, yeah, this one’s creeping me out a bit.

She doesn’t even communicate in a normal way, she just stands there, staring, and sometimes information appears in your head. Such as the fact that she is a being from the distant land of Valhalla – I don’t know whether that means a planet called that, or the actual halls of actual slain heroes. Either way, it’s pretty impressive.

She didn’t seem especially happy. I’d estimate maybe just 43 percent happiness. I’d have tried to cheer her up, but she just sort of swayed and woogled and you couldn’t tell whether she was responding to anything you said. She’s got some chocko so that should chere her up (she’s not up for letting us have any tho i don’t think, tricky to broach the subject, i tried reaching out at it but she REALLY woogled.)

Then, she communicated her name, which was an enlightening experience. When a being’s primary medium of communication is telepathy, the meaning that can be exchanged is so much wider and more organic than in our speech. Our primitive languages are a lossy format: we have to take the ore of our ideas and feelings and chip and hack at it, altering it until it resembles one of the very few turns of phrase available in our lexicon, during which process we inevitably discard much of the meaning we intended to communicate.

This is not the case for the telepath. Pure ideas and pure emotions can be shared exactly. Whole brainfuls of experience, feeling and sensation can be transmitted from one mind to the next, allowing the receiver to inhabit, briefly, the whole of the being which is speaking to them, to truly know what it is to be them, what they are, what they mean.

In this way, this creature baptised us in the tide of her true name, a name drawn from the swarming currents of her deepest personality, her most desperate wishes, her treasured memory and her precious anguish. Her name was an ocean that washed us and a nectar that nourished us.

If you say it out loud tho, she’s called Sharon.

Oop, she’s gone. I was paying attention to you instead of her, she’s weird like that, something to do with the kind of alien she is I expect. Whenever I concentrate on something else for a moment and look back… she’s moved. It’s eerie.

you knoe what tho i’ll give her one thing, she hasn’t made us skeletons.

OEAA gosh! gosh! ok, ok it’s fine. Sorry, I was surprised just then, a VERY LOUD alarm went off. I thought it was Sharon doing something weird but M8s says it just means we’re now orbitting Earth. OFF WE GOE


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