December 12th, 2011

Oop, here comes somebody. Hello, are you called Plopbop?

“Yep,” say person. “Iiii’m heeeere!” OK HELLO Plopbop, we’ve been told to wait for you. I didn’t realise you would be a lady alien.

“Who says I am? I’m from a completely separate evolutionary line to you, how would you recognise what’s male or female on this planet?”

all right, fair play, I suppose it is possible the blokes have weird veiny bra things here. Anyway, we were wondering if you have seen a horrible monster?

“Narrow it down a bit, we’re all from different planets here.”

No I mean a REALLY horrible one. One that seems to HATE CHRISTMAS!! Or at least the parents of Christmassy ppl.

“Hate what, what’s Christmas?” say Plopbop.

WHAT go me

“WHAT” go nobbly as well.

“Christmas im the best day,” say Nobbly, “it’s when Snatter gives everyone presents and we’re all happy about things and that!!!”

Yes! And also, we have family come over, and we see all our family and give them presents.

“uhhhh.” nobbly sigh. “YES also that.”


Right! Well then! I will make a native Xmas Tree appear! I can do that it turnes out. Here we go, woop!


And a Xmas tree have bung!

“Wooh!” go Plopbop in an impressed tone of voice.

There you go Plopbop, that’s a Xmas tree! Sort of! It’s what one would look like if you had them here or something! I hope it makes you have a merry xmas, even if you don’t noe what a Xmas is, merry or unmerry.

“Do you have any… jumble??” go Plopbop weirdly, but we don’t, so,

“Anyway,” say Captain M8s, “I just want to establish whether or not you have seen any evidence of weird creatures in the area.”

“Well,” go Plopbop, “actually there is something a bit sort of half-monsterey we found in a jar, maybe that’s it?”

“er, ok,” go M8s, and off we set to find out what they found!


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