December 17th, 2011

Wuh! Well! I didn’t really get to see anything there, just him head in a big wooshy swirl! Unfortunately if we learned anything at all from this, it is that him lost him head by it being in a big wooshy swirle.

“Maybe he put him head in the washing machine, and it went ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND and twisted him head off.”

Maybe. Or a whirlpool!!

“Yeah that’s what I said. Oe or a WIRLWIND.”

yes!! cool!!!! I didn’t knoe wirlwinds could plop down on your head twist it off and whizz off with your head in it going round and round!

“Yeah it can, it happened to my dad and now he’s DEAD”

is that a lie


is that a lie


is that a lie.

“ye We should probably not mess with time like that thoue, it’s probably just because you’ve ate so much quantum chocklates from that weird advent calender machine thing that you can remember the past and see it properly.”

yes, that might be a good point… my head is still feeling very sparkly. It is going, “ewerasanoitarapesaeblliweh”.

“Also Richard Burton, also your head is way too big for that body.”

“Yeah, well, I got beheaded when I was little.”

…fair enough. We should have our calender chocks for today, they’re starting to come out. Let’s see. Today they are of…. o, head of richard burton of course.


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