December 19th, 2011

“Right chaps, I’ve done the scans,” this is Stevi the computer talking again now, “and he’s right, I can’t actually locate the bomb, but I do have a fix on the kind of bomb we’re looking for. Based on all the data, it looks like this:

“oe! i reckonise that, I’ve seen one of those before! Where was it…”

really, nobbly? it’s new to me.

“No, I’ve seen it, where have I seen that…”

“MOHH THAT’S RIGHT, in the Mario film What a gr8 film. So many classic moments! Remember that bit, where Mario took his helmet off, and he was a woman, and he killed the witch king?”

“Hehe, and remember that gr8 bit in the Mario film, where he came home to the farm near Anchorhead and found his parents killed?”

“hehehe, and remember the bit where it was a cartoon?”

“What a gr8 film. There was more good bits thoe that I always forget about! What other good bits were there, m80s?”

^^^ HEHEHEHE. Yeah those bits were gr8 Everyone keep remembering bits, I love that film and want to remember as much of it as I can.


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