December 22nd, 2011

“What did you just say?” he goe.

“Nothing, Claus, it’s nothing, I’m dealing with it. I’m confining it. This child has Bobs on the Brain. It could just be that her mind’s maligned, but I have my suspicions that it may be the work of the Antisanta. It’s all tied-in with a device someone or something left for her to find in her stocking. Leaving evil tricks in children’s stockings, it has to be him. But until we know for sure, I think you should stay away.

“Hm,” Snatter seem like he have a lot to think about, “But you’ll report directly to me as soon as you know anything?”

“Yes sir, of course.”

“Hm. I’ve got a delivery to make…” he huffpuff slightly, like a very worn-out man, “we still have a long way to go until all the children are accounted for.”

And he go skulking away, off to where him keep him slé and go off to visit different planets… but suddenlye…


oe! it’s Burgess, the Wise Olde Elfeo

“This cannot go on any longer, Claus.”

“Out of my way, old elf! I’ve got PRESENTS TO DELIVER!!”

“No! I can’t stand by and watch you do this any more!!”

They’re stageing a proper tiffing here! :O

“It is my gift! My legacy!! Every child must get a present!!”

“No, Claus! It’s time to stop pretending! It’s time admit that the Antisanta was right!!!”



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