Hello there, Dave here, stepping in out-of-character with a bit of context for you.

When I made the first post, back at the start of this thread, it was with the understanding that I’d probably get banned. The forums weren’t what you’d call draconian, but they did maintain a certain level of quality, so the fact that I was presenting myself as an illiterate excitable child meant that they’d probably just ban me on sight. They didn’t, possibly because they were waiting to see if the thread was going to be funny, and so I carried on.

But on this particular day, the mods really made a big show of coming down from on high and setting up special rules. The memory’s a bit hazy now, but basically it was zero-tolerance, no-probation day. Usually, minor offences were met with a temporary ban, a probation of a certain number of days or hours. Today, there was only the full ban, and it was going to be applied for the slightest little thing, like doing that thing where you quote what someone said but don’t add anything, so it’s like you’re agreeing with it 100%, that thing? That got you banned today.

So, we had to be careful. I couldn’t just stop doing the thread, the point was to have something every day and keep it rolling along until Christmas, because I had a lot of it pre-written and wanted to get to certain places on certain days.

So instead, I thought I’d take a chance and stay in character, while kind-of playing by the rules. This was the idea I came up with… and it had a massive effect on the direction of the threads. It kind of changed what they were about, come year two. Ok, back you go, click the link below and you’ll go right back to where you came from!