Dave again.

So you might have picked up on some hints of this, but at this point I was really screwing with the thread and with the readers.

First I started swapping the names attributable to certain quotes, then I started using the names of known SA posters of the day, Mayor Wilkins and Martin Random, who hadn’t even posted in the threads at all. It got to the point where I was actually editing the posts to make the names change right when I knew people were actually refreshing the thread.

But there was more to it even than that:

Unbeknownst to the readers on Something Awful, the thread was also being posted somewhere else entirely, a place called the Board of Ppl, which, well, there’s no real Long Story Short version of what the Board of Ppl was, but go and visit digitiser2000.com some time, even though it isn’t it.

So this thread ran on two forums simultaneously without either of them knowing about the other one, and I’m pretty sure I started pasting replies from one forum into the other and vice-versa, just to freak them out a bit. Or maybe that was in year two.

Year two was really good, just wait.