December 2nd, 2009

Hello! Well the Spirit of Past asked me where I wanted to go today, because apparently there’s something to do with the dores being wherever we want. Or something. What is it, Past?

Oe, it’s that the dores travel with us or something apparently. It’s not that we actually need to find a calendar, it’s that we just need to find dores to move time on, and because the spirit of xmas is with us, we will always find them going where we want to goe! That’s nice isn’t it! So I decided I wanted to goe back to ELF SCHOOL!

Remember elf school? It’ inside the big workshop grottoe building now, but that is the school where Snatter grew up, and he met all his friends Duddles and Dooley, and the Head, and Mr Blessed the beard teacher! And Dooper, and so many teachers! I don’t think we’ve met all the teachers yet, so I asked if we could meet another one and Spirit of Past said yep!

So here is a new Teacher, he im the HISTORY teacher, called Mr O’Brien.

He specialises in some things, such as Aztec History (ppl with masks on ages ago), Medieval History (castles and wizards etc, that’s a good one), the Industrial Revolution (hasn’t happened yet, he’s clever), Ocean (don’t knoe why that’s history) and FUTARISTIC! Yes, he even knows Future! What will Snatter be like in the future mr o’brien? HEHE YES I THINK SO TOO, he says he’ll be gr8 and he’ll fly around in space ship instead of slé, and there will be ROBOTS in the future and SPACE. But not bad robots like mecha snatter, good oens, like in the FUTEUR! And flashing lights, and flying cars and loads of sweets for everyone! Yessss that sounds brilliant.

Thanks mr o’brien, you are a gr8m8 teacher (even if some of your students can be a bit intense.)


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