December 15th, 2009

^^^ He’s fine! He keeps saying he’s fine. Would Snatter lie? Would Snatter Claus himself (but younger) lie to us?? Course not, let’s just try not to worry about it. Apparently he’s nearly here, anyway!

I can’t believe Snatter’s nearly home! How did he get here so quickily! Well, luckily he’s now made friends with Bulk & Skull (skull have a voice quite a lot like that elf Gooba from day 3 who said “it’s the sheer bulk of it” about the snoestorm, which is a funny coincidence.) Even more luckily for Snatter thoe, there are some friendly people to meet him at the door! and escort him inside if he gets that far!

They are a team of wacky, pun-loving mutant doves, who just want to hang out and eat pizza and party. What a bunch of radical dudes they are! Snatter couldn’t be in better hands. It’s nice to see everyone getting along so well!

So, while they entertain him – oe, here’s today’s chocolate by the way, it’s a shape of pizza cut up into loads of slices, so there’s a slice for everyone, nom away! – let’s see what all the other Elfs are getting up to, because Duddles and Dooley have got their own little quests going on haven’t they!

And here comes Duddles now, sprinting across the snoe towards the Workshop, with his friends running along behind him as ever.

On his way in, he meet Dooley, who looks very happy. No! I looked wrong! Actually he looks very frightened and bothered! And that’s quite right for the bloke who just unleashed the most HORRIBLE WITCH WHO EVER LIVED, WE H8 HER SO MUCH!

“Dooley!” Duddles shout, “I need to – where is everyone?”

Dooley look around and go “ssh”

There certainly isn’t any need for that, there are elfs everywhere look! all round them having fun being elfs! What, are Dooley and Duddles silly and can’t see them?

Duddles lower him voice. “I’ve got to talk to Burgess!”

“The most wise and ancient elf of all?” go Dooley, “But no-one can speak to him unless he comes down and speaks to them first!”

“Tradition can go and hang for all I care!!” shout Duddles, oh my WORD duddles is being rude today! What a rude elf, I think Burgess shouldn’t talk to him just because of that!

Duddles stamp away through the Workshop with him friends, he’s just going to track down Burgess anyway or something! HOW RUDE OF HIM!

Dooley scamper along after them, saying something, what’s he saying?

“Duddles, there was something I didn’t have time to tell you before. When I found the Log Book and read through Chris’ messages, he was talking about a parade of characters he kept meeting on his way.”

“Right?” Duddles say, still marching, don’t think he’s really listening.

And in fact Dooley’s just… yeah, ok, Dooley’s just telling him what they all were and we noe that already. starr & billy & all them. we don’t need to listen to all that all over again do we, especiall when we’ve seen it all already. Boring!

I’m annoyed at Dooley anyway because he unleashed PANDORA! Guess what she’s up to right now? Yeah! Exactly!

She’s killing Zordon! Thanks a blimmin’ bunch, Dooley!


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