August 8th, 2010

oh! yes! it’s the Time Warp that’s done it. That’s right, the Antisnatter was going to destroy the world by making Mecha Snatter eat it!

So he made a scary monster, called the Blizzardman, fool us all into thinking he was a lovely christmas nindjer when actually he was horrid,

and Snatter had to go through twelve tasks to save us all. And then we made a big robot, and we wiggled Yulicron into NOTHING!

and then in the end… yes! Pandora! And Tray Guard and Mr O’Brien had time warped everything so that it would run really slowly and strangely… and that’s why everything feels so disjointed now. I think?

It’s confusing m80s. I mean I think I was being hurt at one point, in a tower… but it all seems so – auh – sau laung agouaah, aaaaaaauuhhhh. nyah. nyum. sorry i’m SO SPLEEPY. I’ve got to splee soon. reeeeally really drowsy, like I can hardly remember what’s what.

I’ll splee soon… but first it’s time to go and see Bigtree, because he said he’d like to do some last thing before we draw a line under christmas… or march, or jule, or augů or whatever it even is any more. Feels like so much stuff has happened I don’t even noe now.

What I do noe is, the space ship landed on north pole, which was all scorched and blasted and fer-dumptched, so the elfs are going to have to work hard to make it nice again.

i’d like to help them, but it – auuuuuaahhmm – but it seems like so long since Christmas began… I feel far too sleepy to help properly. I’d just totter about and knock things over.

So tired!!


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