December 6th, 2011

Helloed! We were just having a natter about what might be going on around here. I mean, it looks like everybody is in a cordance about there having been this one Christmas when something bad happened, and it was just after Snatter had perfected the Christmas Effect Generater. I’d ask him about it, but he im NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. We haven’t found any sign of Snatter being about, even though this is obviously his ship. I think it’s high time we reunited with M8s and get him to take us to Snatter. Dunno where M8s is tho. Let’s see if we can find somebody to ask.

This door looks promising, it say “some sort of medical supply cupboard or something”. I wonder who we will meet in here. Go and have a look, Nobbly.

No, go and look, it’ll be fine.

There won’t be any sudden monsters or something it will be FINE. I bet you daren’t, I bet your chicken.

ok, he’s going to look.

“Oe,” he goe. What can you see in there, nobbly?

“Er, blu skin,” he say. “Lots of blue skin.”

UAH? What, just draped everywhere?? D:

“Noe, it is their own.”

Really? Someone’s in there who’s got blue skin?


what are they doing?

“A weird sort of pose.”

What sort?

“Sort of, sticking out bumme, squashing arms together in front, pointing gun downwards, smile.”

er.. that’s weird.

“Yeah it is a bit.”

Well I du like blu. If you ask me, blu im beautiful. Blu im best. I’m coming over to see who’s in there. Hello, blue person…!


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