Year 4 – Context – Twitter

It’s about time I addressed this properly. While the story was being posted in the thread, it was also unfolding on Snatter’s own Twitter account, and his followers were getting to follow his journey across the North Pole in his own words.

(This will take a little while, but it’ll be worth it.)

Here are the first of Snatter’s tweets. I absolutely can’t possibly be bothered to screenshot them separately so you’re going to have to read them from bottom to top, sorry.

As you can see, I’d had it running for a little while, talking about Snatter’s progress in building a tower in the grotto (which readers with good memories might recall being mentioned off-handedly in the story).

You may already have picked up on it, but the tweets about Snatter building the tower were of course veiled references to my own progress through the work required for this year’s thread. “Built the hut” means I drew the hut. “Had an orange” means I drew Karl Pilkington. The humming was presumably when I recorded The Story So Far.

I *think* what that bit about the robins falling over was about was that, at the time, I was still recording my songs on the 2005 imac that I recorded my very first songs on, except by this time I was finally recording with an actual purchased microphone instead of the one built into the imac’s screen. So that was good, but a new problem had developed: randomly, in the middle of recording, some sort of buffer would get overwhelmed and the recording would stop. Garageband wouldn’t actually crash, but it also wouldn’t not crash, I’d have to close and reopen it to get it to record again. But the really big problem was that when this happened, with no warning whatsoever, some possibly random selection of the recordings in the project so far would blast suddenly down my earphones at maximum volume. It was a sound like no other, I used to describe it as “my own voice screaming at me from the afterlife.” It was such a shock every time that I once ended up actually on the floor with my chair upended. This just… kept happening. It never stopped happening, in fact, I instead built a Windows PC and never went back.

That’s presumably me just trying to tie that in with the weird Christmas Twitter idea I was working with.

That’s me talking about the Thought Bubble comic convention and how it ate into my Snatter prep time.

Dunno what I’m doing that for. Was this the year Ocarina 3D came out? Was I just playing it IRL? Oh weird, no, I just checked and it wasn’t even out yet. Huh. Dunno then.

That’s quite nice. That’s a reference of course to the odd little plot point this year that they don’t have the word Christmas yet.

Sounds like I was having trouble with the song or its video, doesn’t it. Or possibly just the “story so far” banner at the start?

And now it’s December, and Snatter starts talking to Rose.

Because, meanwhile:

It looks like Abby was running the Rose Twitter, because she worked at a comic shop and is clearly alluding to that here. I wonder who came in that was awkward?

So then the accounts start to interact.

Going forward, I’ll include the tweets in the actual story pages. But we’ve already missed a load of days, so here’s what Snatter was up to on Twitter during the thread thus far.

So then some story happens. I confess, I can’t currently remember what this refers to, but then again I’m listening to a podcast as I post this.

Weird. Then he doesn’t post anything on the 3rd, and on the 4th, the Tooth Fairy visits:

Rose gets her first look at the White Christmas Ninja (and makes her last tweet, because she then leaves her Log Book behind which is how our narrator is reading it… I think… I’m listening to a podcast leave me alone)

And Snatter and Rose set off on their adventure:

On the 5th, they meet a Christmas Star, and the narrator starts reading Snatter’s tweets and reporting back on them. (At this point, in real life, the readers of the thread hadn’t yet found these twitter accounts.)

On day 6:

On day 7, Snatter is landed on by Lemmings:

On the 8th, M8s has been sent out into the snow with pants on his head.

On the 9th, his encounters started to get really weird.

At this point, someone tweets something at Snatter. The tweets are no longer available (because they timed out – the threading between even Snatter and Rose is broken now too)

And we’re up to date. From now on I’ll put Snatter’s tweets in the story itself. So, back we go!