December 10th, 2009

Whew! I found the Log Book! Someone had been noseying at it but they put it down and I’ve got it back now. Let’s find a secret place to look in it where nobody will try and nick it off us again.

Here in the Workshop isn’t a good place for keeping secret, there’s various elfs looking worried in different ways here today, all sitting quietly, not talking. It’s like they all have their own little private problems and they’re not sharing them with each other. What’s wrong with these guys! Everyone should all be open and share their problems so that we can think of the best way to react to them!

Dooley is here, and he’s muttering “Ronald? Ronald? I can’t think of anyone called that.” He get up and wander off.

Duddles is going “Christmas is Coming. Christmas is Coming,” to himself, and he get up and wander off a different way.

Tooth Fairy is here, and he looks really wound up. I don’t think anyone’s told him yet what Christmas is supposed to be, and I think his holiday is about to come to an end, so he needs to find out fast or he’ll be in trouble!

Salteye & Pilky are here, Salteye looks like he doesn’t noe what to say to his son, and Pilky looks like he’s just staring out into space really. no energy.

Mr Blessed, the beard growing teacher is here! He’s got his own problems, dunno what they are. He’s marching back and forth gesturing with his arm and sometimes just opening his mouth and making a loud sound, like “Behhh!” because he’s got too much sound in him to contain when he hasn’t got words to say.

So everyone’s here, except Snatter and Rose.

I’ll follow Duddles first, see what he’s doing.

Oe, he’s talking to some of his best elfy friends, and they seem rapt listening to him.

“The thing is,” Duddles say, “there’s been no Antisnatter activity. Isn’t that worrying? I mean, something’s happening boys, something’s really happening, and he’s nowhere to be seen!”

His friends names are Boog, Honka and Vout. Boog go “But he was blown up last year, wasn’t he?”

“He was,” go Honka. “That’s why we all had to muck in to rebuild the central tower! I hope it opens soon, I really want to see inside and—“

“Never mind that!” snap Duddles! “This is the Antisnatter we’re talking about! Yes, he was blown up last year, but we shouldn’t imagine something like that could stop him! He’ll surely be out there somewhere. We just need to find out where, and catch him off-guard.”

“But how?” ask General Staal. (that’s what Vout recently decided ppl should call him, he’s a bit odd.)

“I don’t know,” say Duddles. “That’s what we have to think about…”


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