December 11th, 2007

Time for another lesson now: Present Wrapping.

This is a very important lesson for Elves as the Present Wrapping department of the Grotto is a large thriving community with a very good union and once you’re in there you’re set. You’ve got a trade, ynoe?

The first stage, which we’ve covering today, is Wrappin Paper Making, which is taught by Mr Slightlymorerealisticallyproportioned.

He’s standing by this mechanism turning the handle, which makes the endless roll of wrapping paper go past. The kids take it in turns to throw stardust from a big bag onto the paper, where it sticks on and becomes Decorations!

Are they stars? No! Are they snowflakes? Yes! We may never know!

Pete seems to be taking a particular interest in this lesson. Snatter try to talk to him but he not listening. “Ssh” he saye.

“Tell him to shush himself,” says Duddles next to them, crossly.

“Be nice, Duddles,” saye Dooley. “Kringle is Pete’s friend.”

“I haven’t seen any of you in a while,” says Snatter to Duddles and Dooley. “I thought we were going to be good mates to begin with.”

“Yes,” say Duddles, “so did we.”

That’s an odd thing to say, so Snatter goes back to watching the wrapping paper. But then he see over in the corner look, there’s Beazie! Ha ha good old Beazie, he does everything wrong. Today he’s talking to Rose again!

This is Rose Suchak. She’s the girl who is going to be the angel in the Snatavity instead of Beazie.

I don’t know what Beazie said to her but he gave her some flowers and said it, and she got all bossy and started wiggling her head and clicking her fingers around it, and Beazie is going red in the face again!

“Well that’s it then isn’t it! That’s everyone in this whole school against me! Well fine! Fine then! I don’t know why I should even try any more! If you’re all going to gang up like that! I’m going to… I’m going to… I’ll talk to the Head! I’m leaving the school and I’ll never be an elf again!!”

And he storms out!

“Well well,” saye Pete Schwartz.

Beazie turne round again and glare at him, and he glare at him for ages and Pete doesn’t even stop smiling a little bit, and suddenly Beazie turn back to Rose and wave a finger at her – and it look like he can’t think of anything to say to anyone! Eventually he just shouts at everyone, “Just you wait! Wait till the Snatavity!! I’ll show you!!” and he storm off.

and there a silence left behind.

MOHH OMLOMOHLMOHLOMUHUHUHO, Beazie threw a full-on mardy! Pete is laughing at him and the other elf’s are sort of chuckling a bit. Snatter isn’t sure though, he wants to know what Beazie meant about the Snatavity I think. Nobody’s taking Beazie seriously though, he’s rubbish at everything.

Chocolate left behind is in the shape of Beazie’s self-loathing.



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  • Remolay says:

    I bet that Rose Suchek will go on to make ladders.

    ^^^ You might be the first person in all these ten years to get this without being prompted -Dave

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