December 17th, 2007

Oe mates I think something strange is happening. I was feeling a bit christmassy, what with the traditional Snatavity play and so on, but this is getting a bit odd now. I mean, we’ve got Beazie saying that someone’s been making him do bad things so that they can do REALLY bad things, and we’ve got the Snowman here to talk about important Topick’s, but mainly I think I’m worried because of this thing about Dooper and him maybe having been killed once before, even though he’s Still Alive!

And that newspaper cutting just chilled me to the boan, m8s and ladym8s. The picture of the person who was seen at the seen of the criem is just… oh I will show you and then you will see what I mean about it being just about as bad a person as could possibly have been there.

Ok here we goe…

here it is…


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