December 1st, 2008


It is just started being Decembre the first which is a very lovely time and my favourite time. Let’s all raise a glass to christmas (hehe bcause then it will have started as a baby glass and be grown up at christmas do you see).

it is good and,

Chriswtmas is good. Here are some more things to do at christmas that I like to do.

* Hang tinsle up on the wals. Tinsle is like long scribbly snakes made from christmas. you stick them to the wall in bits and the middle bits hang down.

* sing songs like “we three kings of orient are, one in a taxi one in a car” HEHE or “while spepperds washed their socks by night” HEHEHE or “jingle bells batman smells” HEHEHEHE the teachers do not always noe because they sound the same.

* wait for SNATA CLAUS!!!

Who doesn’t like snata clause? he’s hands down the best person ever and i think i speak for everyone when i say.

But Christmas is also the time when we think about the meaning of chritsmas, the birth of the little baby snater in a stable round the back of a hotel. In the story of the birth of snata which is called The Snatavity.


Today's entry was where this drawing originally comes from!

Away in a sley, no crib for a bed. Aww Look at the snuggly little baby Snatter asplee in the slé where he was born.

Actually he’s not asplee here so probbly whoever drew this classic Snatavity scene was thicko. But he got all the important people in: Daddy Snatter, Mummy Snatter, little elf Dooley who is Snatter’s friend at thre north pole when he grows up, the actor Burgess Meredith behind Dooley there, he runs the north pole and is the wisest old elf ever, and Noddy Holder, the Herald of Christmas. It is not Christmas until Noddy says it’s christmas!

Right lads well, once again i am extenting the cuddle of friendship to you. I bet lots of you’re mum’s have forgotten to get you an advent calendar this year haven’t they again! How will you open the little dores every day and get chocolate out without an advent calendre??

I’ll tell you! Once again I am going to buy one and WE CAN SHARE IT


Only trouble with this mates is that I haven’t found a calendar yet! Normally I get one before December but I can’t even find the shop where I normally get the advent calendars from! It’s weird, I’m here in the shops right now, and I can’t see it. It’s not even closed, it’s just not there, like there are other shops in the way and it was never there! that’s weird isn’t it, I wonder where the shop is.

Let’s find someone who we can ask or otherwise we’ll never have a calendar.

oe here is someone!


He does not look mysterious! he looks trustworthy! Helloe sir, do you know where the special advent calendar shop is that sells advent calendars and sometimes we accidentally fall into them and ruin the world and space?

oe this way?

oe. thankyou.

He says go over here and we will try and find the shop, except I can see that there is no blimmin shop there anyway! All there is is a dore in the wall:

That is strange, it doesn’t look like a shop to me! Just a dore in the wall of the shopping centre! What is it! Let’s go and have a closer look at the AAAH!!


oe sorry! gosh that was scary! the light from the different lights everywhere made funny patterns on the doorknob! I thought for a minute there that I saw–

Aaah!! oe!

I got scared again just thinking about it! when i was silly because all it really is was this:


Silly. How did I think doornob was a scary face! Well while we’re here we might as well open the dore I mean, it has 1 on it! we’re looking for a dore that says 1 on! The whole thing about calendar is that we find dores with the right numbers on for what day of december it is and open them! It’s the right number! might as well open this and see what happens until i can find a calendar!

Hope i do find a calendar though. I wouldn’t want to not have a Christmas Adventure with you this year.

Right who wants to open it??


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