December 6th, 2008

And here’s Dooley! Remember Dooley? He had a tall head, and little round glasses, that shook when he laugh like two see-through masses. He is grown up now too! What are you doing today, Dooley?

Oe! You are trying to open a door but it’s locked? Well never mind Dooley, go through another doore! Instead! That’s what I do!

Bye elf school! It’s fading away. I’m chuffed with that! That was lovely. Let’s turn it over and get that chocolate out!

Yay! Rudolph chocolate! I’ll throw it up in the air and whoever catch it gets to eat it.

WOOPS IT WENT ON THE FLOORE, hehehe. well whichever one of your filthy faces wants it can have it, I don’t want it off the floor! Muhu.

Ooh I just thought! I turned the sand timer over, so that means there’ll be another Account tomorrow! O never mind I really enjoyed that one. I’m sticking it out!

and i’m carrying on with finding the calender hehehe

mohhhohohehee, oh i’ve got the giggles now.


Happing Christmas! yes;

Let’s follow this map some more and FIND CALENDAR!!!


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