December 9th, 2008

It’s obvious Snatter’s going to go on an adventure, look at his face! That’s his adventuring face! He had it last year when he was going to wrap up the big evil present!


Snatter the CHosen One, Hero of Time and Christmas, sets out on his FIRST GREAT QUEST!

Now that he’s wearing red he can go faster, so he quickly finds his way to the first destination… THE HAUNTED CHRISTMAS FOREST!

This is the forest just outside Elf Grotto, where the original Christmas Tree gave birth to a big Christmas Tree forest, but now they’ve turned evil! The trees are cursed using magic! It is a conifer-chanted forest!!

SO Snattre has to battle his way through to reach the thingy in the distance that you can see on the hill, which is some sort of Forest Temple or something. Apparently there are spunes in there. But there are spiunes here too!! The trees have got them! But they’re evil! What will Snattar dO??

O wait look! look round there, let me turn the sinister sand timer round… LOOK!

Who is this?? Who is this shady figure? Let’s put our ears up and listen carefully.


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