December 12th, 2008

and in comes a boy in a t-shirt.

“Yes your majesty?” he go.

“Is he dead? I demand answers!”

“Yes sir,” say the nervous little boy, “as a doornail sir!”

“Good, herrrr, hmmm. And the Operation, is that running smoothly?”

“Yes your majesty, there’ll be a new shipment arriving soon and our supplies are already plentiful. They’ll never guess, sir.”

“Gooooood. Heeee. Hm. hur

That means my wicked plan is definitely going to work now! Harr! After all this experimentation with Snowmen, I can finally move onto the phinal fase!!!! arrr har! har! har! Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Future, all of you are doomed! har! And the spirit of Christmas will fade from the world and it will be under my thrall! Harrrrrrrrr! Horr!”

And he storm off to do something horrible to snowmen! What a bumface!

“Oh dear,” say the T-Shirt boy, “here we go again! Every Christmas he gets all grumpy and ranty like this! We’re all in big trouble!”

He shruggily goes over to a tortured snowman, who is just a legs and bum and tummy. The rest of him’s been tortured off! T-Shirt look around and try to make sure Antisnatter can’t here, then gets some coal and puts it on the snow-tummy, and draws a mouth on, and now it’s got a face back!

T-Shirt goe, “I think it’s nearly time for that idea of ours…”

And the Account fade to nasty purple gas again! O dear, this is creepy. I’m turning it upside down really hard now in case that means the sand will get through faster. Oe dear but it’s swirling down in weird patterns, I’m not keen. I think one of you might’ve broken it somehow

well, let’s soldier on. look at these trees with jewl’s on instead of fruit, that’s interesting. i bet we shouldn’t pick it tho, leave it for now. m80s, i’ve got a terrible sense of 4boding.


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