December 20th, 2008

So yeah. Here’s Snatter and Dooley coming out of the secret room again.

“Do you think it could work?” say Snatter

“I hope so,” say Dooley, waving his arm about. “the Loompa are a proud and ancient people, their customs and traditions go back, ooh, thousands and thousands of years, longer than any record. Their ancient beliefs are very strong. Very strong. Strong enough? We shall yet see, but my faith is in them.”

and he wave his arm about because the Christmas Future bloke is standing there, and the thick gas that roils around out of his cloak (muhuhuhu) is getting really big, everything’s all misty in here like a graveyard in a film!

“Bit foggy isn’t it,” goe Snatter.

“Yes, mind how you go,” say Dooley.

“Oh, I never told you what present I got out of my rucksack to give to those Christmas Nindgers,” say Snatter!

Good! I want to know what it was!

“Well, I’m not sure what it was myself,” say Snatter, “but they just fell into my hands when I was rummindging around in there, like it was just the right things, so I gave them to them. They were these sort of things that you put on your belt, and they’ve got a coin inside.

“Apparently they’re good presents for ninjers because it makes them even better at being ninjers. They seemed to knoe about them more than I did.”

“That’s good then Claus,” say Dooley, “you’re good at this present giving malarky!”

“Yes! And they were my friends then, and came with me on my quest. I had my own ninjas! The next day, we came up against…

“Christmas Mummies!!!”

“not a very good name there but they were all frightening and staggery! There were loads of them, more than I could give presents to before they got me, But this time, I had FRIENDS who were more than happy to fight them!

“The ninjers went, hyaaar yaaaar hiyaar yorrr, swi-yarrr! and the mummies went ubbleubbleubble! ubblobblobblubblubloblubbl! and then they fell down and Then! I gave them present! I will tell you what it is but first i want you to guess. can you guess dooley?”

Dooley can’t guess straight away. Who can think what Snatter would give loads of mummy’s?


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