December 22nd, 2008


Yes! That’s much better! This just the sort of thing we want! A fresh new take on the mecha snatter concept that modernises the design without cluttering it up with needless spoons & whistles.

YEahhh, new good mecha snatter versus bad mecha snatter! Who will win? will it be good mecha snatter? will it be bad mecha snatter? will it be steam? the tension is unbearable here at the track tonight!

O. Actually it looks like bad mecha snatter might win. They’ve started fighting, but something is draining good Mecha Snatter’s powers! But what? Didn’t the Loompas believe in him hard enough? They loved the old times of the Titans and summoned this new good Mecha Snatter as a tribute, out of love, as an expression of all their fondness for those old times – but public opinion seems to be swayed against good Mecha Snatter for no reason, even though he’s good Mecha Snatter! The only really good Mecha Snatter in years! How can there be such a backlash of dislike towards such a gr8 m8!

I think there must be those ppl nearby, the ones who don’t like new things

Snatter looks like he’s in a quandary too. “So the Runcible Spunes really are able to defeat the Antisnatter,” he say. “By destroying everything to do with Christmas, including him! But also including THE WHOLE WORLD ON CHRISTMAS!! What do I do?! If Mecha Snatter doesn’t destroy the world, Antisnatter will probbly do something just as horrible! If only I knew what he was doing!”

Then a man’s voice go, “Sir! Sir!”


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