December 22nd, 2008

It’s T-Shirt boy!! He’s a tall man now by the end of this.

“Sir! I’ve escaped the clutches of the Antisnatter! He’s been forcing me to do his bidding!”

Dooley whirly round. “What!”

“Ye! But I didn’t want to! He captured me like he captured all those Snomen!

“Snoemen?!” say dooley & snatter

“Yes! He’s been keeping snomen in his horrible torture chamber and doing terrible, terrible experiments! I’ve been trying to save snowmen where i could, but it never worked, it never worked! By the time I managed to set some of them free, they were only bits of Snowmen left, like legs; arms; tummy! And they would try and scramble to freedom but always either Antisnatter would catch them or they’d go outside and melt in the sun! It was horrible!! Someone needs to stop him!”

“Where is the Antisnatter? Where has he been hiding to do all this dark bidding?” go Snatter.

“He’s in the grottoe!


“Ye! He’s locked down a bit of the castle for himself to be in!”

“Wait,” say Dooley, “not those locked doors? The ones leading to where the fruit shute comes from?”

“Yes! THE FRUIT was all part of his PLAM! He thought if he did something nice, nobody would question it and they’d think it was Christmas Magic, he say you all believe in that too much! So he’s been growing lovely fruits, to throw you off the scent! Getting shipments in and growing his own, really fresh amazing fruits & veg and that!”

“My melon,” say Snatter sadly. “That lovely melon I had from Rose… it was so nice! And that was from: THE ANTISNATTER??” That rotter! I’ll get him!”

“But that’s not all!” go T-shirt! “He’s got a big cannon in there or something, I think he’s, I think he’s going to shoot the Christmas Star out of the sky!!”

O NO, goes snatter! OE NO! I WILL STOP HIM

and he MARCH OFF!

There’s a chocolate here too look, this bit of bricks on the wall of grotto peel back, with number 22 on it! And inside is a chocolate of… Oe I see, yes! It’s that face we had a chocolate of before, the shield shaped face with the lines on and crying eyes. Only now there’s a chocolate of a christmas tree sellotaped over it.

Tuck in m80s!!

ok doom baboon, you get to have the chocolate. It’s only fair we give some other ppl a bit tho so do you want the shieldey face or the tree stuck over it? other ppl can divide up the remainder.


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