December 25th, 2008

“It is useless, Christopher,” say the Antisnatter from his podium up in the wall. “My spell is begun! Marley has eaten the doughnut, the plague is set! Hundreds of years from now it will endure, and as more are infected, the human race will become grumpier and grumpier, and the Spirit of Christmas will become ever weaker until the great moment when the three Spirits are finally torn apart!”

This is scary.

Also is anyone else wondering how come we can see what’s going on outside… and what’s happening inside? It’s a bit weird that, isn’t it? But at least we can get all of what’s going on. And I’M SCARED OF WHAT’S GOING ON! There’s this terrible dread in the air!

O speaking of which, it turns out the whole Mecha Snatter is now chocolate, that’s today’s chocolate, so tuck in! It’s only right that there’s a bigger chocolate on day 24, and this one’s a whole gigantic metal titan of chocolate!

“I will stop it,” Snatter declares! “I will put a stop to all this, somehow! The Spirit of Christmas shall never die!”

“Never?” go antisnatter. “That’s a bold assumption. Never is a long time, civilisations change and rise and fall in a few hundred years, let alone forever. The Spirit of Christmas may not last nearly so long as you imagine even without my intervention.”

Snatter do a crosspatch face

“Then I will keep it alive myself, if I have to work for the whole of the rest of time to do it! You will not destroy all we’ve built here!”

Antisnatter sneers, “Well, what if you do? Hm? What if you succeed, what then? I tell you again: you will never connect with the Spirit of Christmas. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose today, that distance will always be there.”

“What… what on earth do you mean?” say Snatter.

and like yeah, what does he mean?

“It’s one of those delicious ironies that the world just puts on our plates, Chris. You see, you are different from others. You light a festive fire in the sky. You blaze your trail and the Spirit of Christmas is never far away. But that’s just the thing. It is always following, trailing in your wake. Never actually with you. Do you see? The Spirit of Christmas is always one step behind you, one step removed.”

“I don’t think I do see…”

“It travels not with you, but with them.”


“Those who would take an interest in your life. The Spirit of Christmas was with them when they began their journey in the shopping centre. Marley’s ghost knew what was to happen, so he took temporary corporeal form there (and ate some doughnuts) just waiting for their arrival.”


wait that’s weird, he sounds like he’s talking about … us! you mean info desk bloke was a .. ghost?


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