December 21st, 2009

Helloed! oe it’s nice to see you m80s again, and I’m feeling really greight like i’ve had a GREAT BIG LIE IN. I’m all bright and a-bouncy, and look, I’ve noticed my hair’s all big and fluffty today like it’s been POWERED UP. brrrrrvvvvvhh, MAXIMUM POWARR.

I’m not in the big tree place any more, because the big tree said I was ok again, and now I could just go around like normal. Brills! He kept me up to date tho what’s going on. What’s going on is:

The Christmas Ninjers have got their icicle powers now. What they can do is, they do have magic icicle powers in them, and they can make it come out by doing a thing with their power coins that makes the magic icicle come out! It’s like a big icicle coming off the coin and it’s whatever colour they are. And they can use those to control their big robots that we saw yesterday!

So anyway, the big robots are trying to fight, but really they can only fight the Blizzardman. Oe, that apparently, is what is the name of the White Ninja really. And even that doesn’t work because it’s not a man, it’s like… it’s a horridy monster or something and its horrid-shaped, and it has realised that we would respond well to a white christmas ninja and that’s why it made … its … I don’t understand it realy but anyway, they’re fighting it.

But they’re losing! Because BLizzardman is bigger than them. And they can’t even try and fight Yulicron, which is another name for MECHA SNATTER, because him JINORMUS! he doesn’t even stand on the PLANET! this is the biggest mecha snatter ever seen!

so to even the odds a bit, the ninjers are doing something really brilliant. They’re making their robots go together!

so they go clickety clunk and they fold open and around each other, until…


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