December 21st, 2009



but they’re still not quite powerful enough! Fight goes on, but the blizzardman is still really big and strong, and yulicron is still too big and too strong too!!

meanwhile, Zordon, who is basically like richard burton but turquoise, has been beamed aboard the Snattersnat Snatsnattica. He is dying! and with him’s last breath, he croak, “there… is still MORE… power… available. The Snattysnat snatSnatterca has the firepower you need… both… working together… might be able to defeat Yulicron!” and then he fade away!!

o no big turquoise richard burton

SO the plan is to try and fly the ship over to Yulicron and shoot it with their ship lasers, while the ninjas punch him and stuff with their big combined robot bloke they’re driving in.

But it isn’t going to work! Because the Snattatat SnatSnatterSnatta doesn’t have shooty lasers, partly because it is an ambasadoryal ship for christmas peace and happyness, and partly because they have broke. There was this one sort of lecturn you used to stand at and that had the fighty buttons on, but it have not worked in ages and ages. And Patch the computer can’t fix it because it is breaking down!

Apparently Duddles built patch, and he’s been trying to fix it with a patch he made, but it hasn’t worked! Computer is breaking forever!

But that’s not really enough is it. I mean that’s what’s going on, but… why? If mecha snatter here, then shouldn’t that mean the antisnatter’s somewhere around?

so i’ve had a thought and I think I noe who can tell us about that.

first thoe, there’s a dore just here outside where the bigtree man was! we’re just on the ship now. shall we open? It say 21. Goodness me, 21? did we miss that many dores??

^^^ is he? i thought he was a scurrrrrvy pirate! arrrrr. Well, if he’s any good at fixing Patch then we should definitely let him have a look. I’ll mention it next time I see him or dudels.

But anyway! yeah! if there’s a 21 dore here then that must mean we’re going the right way! (which means my plan to find out exactly what’s going on around here is probably going to work!) So, while we’re here let’s peel it open.


Lovely! It’s a jigsaw chockoe! It’s a chock of the big ninjas robot, but it comes apart into bits that are shaped a bit like the separate robots. that’s clever! A deluxe chocko! Well I think I’ll have a bit, and oxygen deficiency can have one because he wanted to open the dore. everybody else i will put here on shelf, and you can decide who has them.


(that mean everyone try and get it at once, at my scule.)


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