December 1st, 2009


and anyway but yeah! it’s DECEMBARE the First, and you know what that means m8s and ladym8s! Yes! It’s the name of one of the months! And as well, this time it’s the month that has


in it!

Christmas! Oh, Christmas! Oh! It is the day of joyo and happie, when we gather round and sellybr8 with our smellym8s hehe (not you, you’re dudey.)

Woo Yes I can’t believe it already! Christmas time! Woooo! Woooooooooo!! Ducktales woo! (that’s more than mere woo)

I mean it’s not actually Xmas yet tho m8oes, but it is Decembre, and that’s when we start to really Christmas up the place isn’t it! I mean look at this:


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