December 1st, 2009

I’m at the shops and it’s like the first most big bit of Xmas Ch33r is happening right now here, as the first children of the day goe into the snata grottoe that they’ve got set up, here at shops. I mean I knoe it’s not Snatre himself in there. It is a man in clothes, but that is better than nothing.


But! hehe. YEs! They knoe that it is the December 1st, and even tho the grotto has been in the shops for a bit now, they are more excited about it today because of Decembre. This is the 1st real day of christmassyness I reckon don’t u?

And HOW do they noe it’s decembre the first? Well! Because they have all woken up in the crispy daylight this morning (which childers still do, to 1) go to school or 2) play, not like half of you lazy lumps) and they have first of all OPENED



Yes of course! They have popped open the very first dore of their morningly calendar, which is satisfying, even if sometimes it’s tricky and you have to get your fingernail in there and sometimes you can’t so you push from behind and that scrunches up the plastic that holds the chockoes in place and maybe you will brake a bit of chockoe off. Oh no!

Or, if you are a classy person you have one with not-chocolates in, which despite being not as good at being chocolates as chocolates are, they are more classy.

But, I BET loads of you have been der-brains and forgotten to get yourself a calendar tho haven’t you, and you won’t be able to open the little dores every day. That’s just your sort of error. Some of you probbly didn’t even knoe it was going to be December today! WELL NEVER FEAR!

I’m on a mission to get you a calender! Now, I haven’t got one yet, but we’ve always had so much nice fun when I get one for everyone to Cher, that I resolve to get one this year again too!

No luck yet m8s, I’ve been scouting about but some of them ones here in the shopes are really dire. Don’t get me wrong, I like marvles and telly programmes like everyone, but for an advent calendar you want something christmassy don’t you with fireplaces and that. So now that the old shop where I used to get them has vanished off, I don’t know where to goe but we always think of something don’t we m80s!

Don’t we! Come on everyone, let’s go and look together for an advent calendar! Hooray!



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