December 8th, 2009

Bored without M8s here now, I wish I’d not sent him off in his pants. hope he comes back soon. Tell you what, let’s de-bored ourselves by having some chocolate straight away today. Come on, let’s have a look in the good old Log Book. I love seeing what ppl Snatter has met today on his way back from Zordon’s.

Okayy let’s see

Oop, here we go. Hehe chocolate is a pair of pants but it was in there upside-down just like the one on M8s’ head yesterday! Hehehehe I wonder if that’s who Snatter met today. I’d laugh if he’s run all the way over the frozen wastes to where Snatter is, just in his pants! mohhh


MUHUHUHO what an idiot! I can’t believe it! He could’ve just come back inside but instead he went all the way off in that direction! Aahahah I can’t believe it! He was just! “Shall I go back in? It’s warm in there! No I knoe, I’ll go off this way!” Hahaha Psheeooo! diddlun diddlun diddlun dun dun! Ahaahahaha

hahaha I love good old m8s


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