December 11th, 2009

Duddles is staring at the account. I don’t know why, Dooley seemed happy with it, maybe he’s just daft.

So. Silly dafty Duddles is looking at that Account and wondering what to do. I knoe what to do, nothing, go to bed, but he’s thinking of other things.

“How do we find him?” he mutter to himself. Oh he’s talking about the Antisnatter again. I don’t know why he’s so fussed about this. Antisnatter’s not doing anything this year.

Oe, look. It looks like Duddles has got himself an idea.

He pull out a little device… oh yes of course, very clever! It’s the Snat-Nav thing he recently invented. What a clever little inventing elf Duddles keeps turning out to be. I thought he’d attached it to Snatter’s slé, but apparently he had his own, all along.

He type “Antisnatter” into it.

There a pause, as the elfey gears inside the Snat-Nav turn and wiggly sticks wiggle around at them (that’s how duddle machines work).

after a bit of quiet,

“Proceed, to the end of the road, and turn, left,” it say in a ladyvoice.


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