December 12th, 2009


On occasion, while flying with reindeer over the North Pole, I have gazed up at the night sky and wondered at the emptiness of it. Confronted with the endless, unthinkable distance between myself and the nearest fleck of matter, I’ve found myself unable to fully process it. Even still, that sight is nothing compared to the blankness and the absolute lack of detail around me now. Despite being protected against the terrifying cold through which we travel, we still feel exposed and vulnerable, for who can tell how long our flimsy man-made protection can withstand the natural elements?

Out here, however, as we enter what must surely be the last days of our perilous return to the Workshop, there is an emptiness beyond anything I knew I could perceive. The world is nothing but blank void, folded and unfolded about us in great heaving drifts.

But it will take more than the blizzard to stop me.


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