December 16th, 2009

Don’t worry about it! Everything’s fine. Honestly some of you lot, acting all paranoid. It’s Christmas! Fun! Christmas fun!

And anyway, look, something’s going on at the workshop. I don’t knoe how but that clever little elf Duddles has actually found his way into the Ancient One Burgess Meredith’s office. Him not supposed to be able to get there!

All the elfs are congregating around the place to watch Duddles and Dooley and the others. They’re fascinated.

look at them all, the place is bristling with activity! just like it should this close to merry xmas

“Hello?” say Burgess. He is a very old elfy man, all droopy, and he has butterflies who hold up him beard because it’s so long.

“Burgess! I’ve found something astonishing that you must know about!” say Duddles emphatickly.

“Oe?” go Burgess

“well,” go Duddles,


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