December 17th, 2009

Do you knoe, it looks like Burgess was right after all? I know! Took me back as well! Just now, you see, the White Ninjer (who was doing a lot of very funny wiggling he and going all silvery and flowy when he did, but then being white xmas ninjer again afterwards) says that actually he is the harbinger of some huge force, and sure enough it’s called you’ll lick ron!

He says it as one word though, like the partridge did. Yulicron.

And well, apparently this is going to be that Christmas Is Coming force that he was talking about, and actually all that stuff about it being “the Beast” and the certainty of ultimate destruction was all just a big funny joke to see how everyone would react! Ha ha! Turns out the prophecies were fake, hehe! What a funny guy, what a prankster! It’s like jeremy beedle all over again, with his wacky japes and his travelling shop.

So! Everyone’s gathered outside in the snow, and they’re cowering but you know what they’re like – the friendly white ninjer showed them all outside, a few of them didn’t even want to go can you believe that, but he made them because they’re going to love it when they see it, he says it’s going to be very pretty! Lots of colourful Christmassy lights and everything!

And now we can find out for ourselves, because here it comes! We’ve had the 13 signs from the prophecy, so now it’s the final day. Can’t wait!


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