December 24th, 2009

“Maybe old Peter really is smarter than I am,” say old Snatter. “Perhaps I am just an old fule!”

and everyone goe omg

and yeah, I noe what he means. I mean I’m trying to keep all chipper, but everything’s looking a bit like there isn’t very much hope, you noe? I mean the Antisnatter has got a huge monster that’s ruining the north pole and a giant Mecha Snatter that’s just basically watching but then he’s probably going to eat the whole planet once Antisnatter’s finished with it! He’s still down there tho stamping about and zapping things with his finger electrcities.

so, it’s sort of, and I can’t help thinking that actually we’re probably going to luse this time

There’s even a dore here, dore 24, which is usually a very exciting dore but I dunnoe. Are we going to get out of this?

“Pardon me, Claus,” say nice lady at the front, who I… think might be an old version of Rose!

“Leave me in peace!” go Snatter sadly. yeah he right, it hopeless!

“But Claus! The north pole is under attack! What should we do, Claus??”

him turn away with a big dramatic swingy-round sigh, “it doesn’t matter now. Just let them come!!!”

then Duddles appear on screen.

“Snatter! I’ve been trying to get Patch to work, but… but it’s not looking good. I’ve tried the big buttons, they just make a sort of rasping sound, I’ve tried all sorts of different programs in his Block Slot and that’s got me nowhere – I’ve even tried cranking up the Rock-a-Blocks by hand, and all I got was a series of different words that rhyme with “toe”. I don’t know what I’m going to do! I mean I could convert the – I could convert the, th-the tape reel to read Basic, and er – in an hour or two and then I s’pose…”

he’s having a bit of a desperate stab in the dark, you can tell. nothing’s going to work.

“Let me just… I’m going to…” and he go over and press a few buttons at once. Like a last ditch thing to try. Patch’s lights flash and flicker and stuff… and then….

booooooooo. not the good kind of boo that’s light coming from christmas star. the bad kind of boo, that’s motors wheezing down to their last spinnes and stopping with a little cough.

Patch isn’t working any more!

“Oh no,” go old rose.

“oh no, “go duley, “we’ve lost Patch!”

duddles look back out of screen guiltily-looking. “I didn’t know, I thought that would work!”

“Have we really lost power?” ask old Snatter

“Yes, I’m afraid so,” say Duddles. “And without the ship’s computer we’re just drifting! We can operate the ship’s thingies, but the actual ship driving bits are powered by the computer! You noe, steering and going & stopping etc! we can’t even steer the ship or stop drifting!”

o that’s silly, why did they build the ship like that!!

“What direction are we heading in?” ask old Snatter. (young snatter not here currently, dunno where im)

“I’m afraid,” say Dooley, “we’re heading towards Yulicron!”

“Well,” go Snatter. “That’s it then.” and he sit back in chair.

yeah. that’s it.

the ship has no power, we’re drifting towards mecha yulicron snatter who will just eat us and eat the whole of the planet World, and then everything will be over and done with and there’ll be no xmas.

everyone looks really glum and so do i.

i bet the other snatter look rubbish as well.



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